I’ve been trying to find more info about this car for a minute now, but all I’ve found is that it has an s20 and is rocking some beautiful black 17” VOLKs. I’ve got to say this is just… perfect.

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redone in color

This guy is fucking amazing and a genius! His show was inspirational - best I’ve ever seen 



Cats and Tumblr

I cant stop laughing.

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Every Sunday I try and not do anything car related, surrounded by car stuff six days a week its nice to get away from it all, but somehow I end up with my guys getting my hands dirty.

This particular Sunday was no different. I woke up, got dressed and went on the hunt for coffee and food, only to return home to find the boys wrenching away on Ray’s AE86 Coupe in the garage. I followed suit and put on my work jeans and got stuck into.   

For about a month now, in a group effort, the guys have come over every Sunday for a couple hours tinkering away to get the car running. The last time I posted something up of Ray’s AE86, it had a blown head gasket. Since then the old engine has been taken out and a rebuilt high-comp smallport 4age has taken its place. While the new cam covers are getting cleaned and painted, we used a set of clean-ish covers we found lying around the garage, everything else is new from the bottom up including a nice set of HKS camshafts and a Toda lightweight flywheel.   

The engine is still in its run-in stage, however it already feels a million times better than last one. Its revvy, crisp and has nice down low torque. Once we put some kilometers/ miles on the engine, Ray is going to have a go at dialling in the cams and seeing what kind power it make. 

there’s still a heap of work to do, like getting a new exhaust, plumb the oil cooler, install an alloy rad and this list goes on. For the moment its a job well done all round, we’re all pretty chuffed to see another AE86 alive and kicking.  


get out of me guitaa

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Don’t say that!

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